Dubai Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations, Week in Week Out People Visit Dubai As its A Place Of Tall Buildings, Ultra Modern City With State of the Art Facilities, Recreational Parks, World’s tallest Building (Burj Khalifa), Home to The Worlds Only 7 Star Hotel, Home to the Words Biggest Mall (The Dubai Mall) and a Host of others.


This Legally Enables You To Stay In the United Arab Emirates For 2 Weeks. Good for Tour, Family Vacation, Birthday Parties, Wedding Anniversary, Honey Moon.
Visa Processing Time – 4 Days


This Legally Enables You To Stay In Dubai For 30 Days. Spend More Time for your Tours, Family Vacation, THID Birthday Parties, Wedding Anniversary, and Honey Moon.
Visa Processing Time – 5 Days


This Legally Enables You To Stay In Dubai For The Duration of 100 Days. It’s best for People Who Want to Go to Dubai to Job Hunt and Want to Spend Their Long Vacation in this Modern City
Visa Processing Time – 1 – 2 Weeks


Allows you to reside in Dubai for 2 Years, Also Gives You a Residence Permit for the Duration for 2 Years, The Freelance Visa Enables You to Work on Your Own without being contracted to Any Employer. Different Trade Designations Will be Chosen When Issued the Visa. Dubai Is Full of Expatriates, it’s a Good Place to connect With People of different Culture, Race, and Religion etc.
Visa Processing Time: 1Month (30 Days)


This Helps You Secure a Job in The UAE from Your Home Country. It saves you the Stress Involved in going to Dubai on a 3 month Visa and Job Hunt. It gives you access To a Accommodation and Transportation from Your Employer, You will Also Have Your 2 Years Residence Permit. Most Jobs Available Are

 Security
 Painters
 Mason
 Cleaners
 Tilers
 Plumbers
 Electricians
 General Helpers
 Cashiers
 Office Boy/Girl
 Airport Workers.
Visa Processing time: 1 – 2 months