North Cyprus is one of the most sought-after countries for higher education thanks to universities such as Near East University Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus International University, etc. Universities in North Cyprus offer multiple Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and PhD programs for different courses. North Cyprus universities offer an international scene, with students from North America, Asia, […]

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Study Abroad

At Vkmax Travel and Tours we Guide you from start to finish on how to make your “Study abroad” Dream a Reality What We Do For You; Speedy Admission to Educational Institutions Abroad including Course and College/University Selection. Application Document, Advice and Guidance etc.  Visa Support (We Help You process your student Visa for you, […]

Study in Canada

STUDY IN CANADA Canada Is a Wonderful Place to Live and Study! Students who have never been to Canada often have an image of Canada as the land of snow and hockey. But what they find when they get to Canada is somewhat different… there are beautiful seasons other than winter in Canada. Hockey is […]