At Vkmax Travel and Tours, We Provide the Best Visa Assistance for your 5 years Canada Open Work Permit. A High Level of Success Is Guaranteed. There Are Different Legal Ways To Work In Canada, But We Provide You with the Best Route To Work In Canada. Accommodation will be provided by your Employer Over there, it’s also a very good Route to Get Your Canada permanent Residency. You can come With Your Dependents (Family) at an affordable Rate.
Why Canada Should Be Your Goal
Residency Visa With over thousands of jobs created each month, Canada has a very low unemployment rate compared to other developed countries. Canada ranks high in modern technologies and is rapidly advancing, making this the best place for IT professionals and computer scientists. Telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and engineering are some of the most popular industries in many cities around Canada.
If you have a valid work permit, your spouse or common-law partner can work in Canada too. They will have to obtain their own work permit but will not need a job offer and may accept any job offer in Canada. Kids will be able to study for free at elementary and secondary schools, and all these factors will count in your favour when applying for permanent residency in Canada.


Unlike most countries where you pay extreme amounts of money for healthcare or free healthcare is poor, Canada offers government funded healthcare for residents and companies offer affordable health-care plans for employees.

There are benefits for women who are pregnant, recently given birth or adopted a child. Pregnancy advice for women includes good health and nutrition suggestion etc.
Canada’s Pre-natal Nutrition program is created for expecting mothers facing challenging circumstances. The program includes nutrition guidance, food and preparation training, prenatal vitamin supplementation, breastfeeding education and maternal lifestyle counselling.

The cost of living in Canada is very affordable compared to other developed countries. Housing is affordable depending on the area you choose to stay. Food, gas and even cars are cheaper than other well-developed countries. The country also has a low crime rate, making it one of the safest places to live in the world.

Over the years, many people from all around the world have immigrated to Canada, and because diversity has increased, many businesses and corporations have taken this into consideration and taken measures to ensure that their work culture represents the assorted Canadian population.
Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. Human Development Index ranks the country as 6th, which is a measure of common wellbeing and standard of living. Canada has an excellent education system and a long life expectation making Canada one of the most liberated countries. It has various immigration programs and permits with a strong system. The weather and lifestyle make Canada the number one choice country to work and live in.
As Canada is considered one of the best countries with a high economy and sophisticated job market, we believe Canada is the right place for you to thrive in your personal and professional life.
Like we Say there are Many Ways to Migrate to Canada, but we Specialize in the Open Work Permit System.

As such, we would advise to take your time to review the details about the program listed below:
1. Which province you wish to work/live in Canada?
2. Which industry you wish to work in Canada?
1. International passport data page soft copy
2. Passport photo white background soft copy
3. Updated CV
4. We require all professional certifications if available, if NONE, kindly send us the above documents in #1, #2, and #3 to our company’s corporate e-mail address below;
5. Applicant required mandatory biometric capture upon the arrival of biometric instruction letter from Canada part of the requirements.

Country in view: Canada.
 An open work permit approved by Canadian Immigration Department from applicant home country.
 Job and accommodation guarantee.
 Employer will be at the airport to pick up applicant.
 Applicant flight ticket is NOT inclusive
 Our work permit, is an open permit, as such, it will allow applicant to do extra work hours also, eligible to further studies in Canada at the expense of the applicant.
 Duration/processing time: this is solemnly at the discretion of the Consulate/Canadian High Commission Canada Embassy.
APPROXIMATELY THE PROCESSING TIME: 18 months (plus or minus)

 Insurance Company,
 Shopping Mall,
 Site Manager,
 Wristwatch Company,
 Beverage Company,
 Law Firm,
 Medical Specialisation,
 Chef,
 Mechanical Engineer,
 Plumber,
 Welder,
 Bricklayers etc.
Our Canada work permit;
 A work permit visa is granted from your home country
 Job and accommodation inclusive
 Flight ticket no included
 It is an open work permit, so you can do multiple jobs, if necessary, also you can school with it.
Duration of all visa still remains at the discretion of the Consulate of the Country’s embassies.
But from our testimonies – 1year.