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ABOUT VKMAX TRAVEL AND TOURS Vkmax Travels and Tours has been committed to bringing our customers the best in value and speedy travel arrangements. We are passionate about travel and bringing the world of travel to you. We provide corporate travelers, private travelers, and academic travelers with the most exquisite and affordable travel arrangement services. […]

Singapore Work Visa

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Kuwait Work Visa

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SchegenWork Permit

We Help at Vkmax Travels to Process EU visa i.e. Schengen Visa to Some Selected Countries like;  Czech Republic  Poland  Germany  Malta  Finland  Austria  Italy These are our destinations for the Now. Send us a Message for More Details

Qatar Work Permit

At Vkmax Travels, We help you process your Qatar Direct Work Visa from your Home Country. Wages And Salaries in Qatar is Fair but not as Rewarding Compared to other Western Countries like Canada, Australia, the UK and USA. Jobs Available includes;  Hotel Attendant  Receptionist  Airport Cleaners  Office Cleaners  Driver […]

Dubai Work Permit

2 YEARS DIRECT WORK VISA. This Helps You Secure a Job in The UAE from Your Home Country. It saves you the Stress Involved in going to Dubai on a 3 month Visa and Job Hunt. It gives you access to an accommodation and Transportation from Your Employer, You will Also Have Your 2 Years […]

Work permit in U.K

Who doesn’t want to work in UK? Good news, we have made the UK work permit easier to process for our prospective clients. There are wide range of Jobs You Can Choose from. Working in the UK is a demanding Task. At Vkmax Travels and Tours, we have made it easier for you to get […]

Australia Work Permit

Why You Should Choose Australia Sources in Australia are attracting a lot of foreign investors and keep the economy at great levels. Also, the country is a leading tourist destination and its popularity is growing daily. This leads us to several reasons to work in Australia. Make some serious cash! Even though the costs of […]

Canada Work Permit

At Vkmax Travel and Tours, We Provide the Best Visa Assistance for your 5 years Canada Open Work Permit. A High Level of Success Is Guaranteed. There Are Different Legal Ways To Work In Canada, But We Provide You with the Best Route To Work In Canada. Accommodation will be provided by your Employer Over […]

Travel Insurance Menu

VKMAX AND TOURS TRAVEL INSURANCE SERVICE Vk max Travel and Tours is a proud partner of Top Insurance Companies. We provide verified travel insurance with different packages that suites every prospective customer’s taste. Our affiliate insurance policies are designed to cover clients traveling abroad who may sustain injuries as a result of accidents, the policy […]